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Parlor in the Round 2017

Parlor in the Round

Runs September 15th through April 13th

Musical Improv Comedy

The Mountain State has its Stage and the Prairie Home, its Companion. This concert season Alaskans will gather at Parlor In The Round. Borrowing from the guitar pull tradition of porches and campfires, songwriters from all walks of Alaskan life (and some beyond) will trade songs and stories as they are inspired by each other and the audience. After the intermission, tradition is cast aside as the musicians dive into collaborations, jocular inventions and premeditated musings all based on written submissions from the audience. Kevin Worrell hosts this dinner theater, drawing out the strength and vulnerability of each artist while holding the crowd closely throughout the performance. The TapRoot transforms its dancefloor into a candle lit dining room and a hush falls over the crowd. Expect to lean in and laugh out loud at Parlor in the Round.

The list of things that we can achieve in perfect unison as a community is very short. Silence is one of them. At Parlor In The Round our audience holds a "listening room" atmosphere during the performance. Smiles and laughter are encouraged! Sidebar conversations are strictly prohibited.

Parlor in the Round is presented by Harmony Capital Enterprise.